CG Commercial Finance has been very supportive of me and my family. They are flexible with my schedule and I appreciate their sincerity and support. I also appreciate the autonomy I have with my responsibilities. They reward results and if you work hard, they don’t ride you. This is one of the few places I have worked where the management puts in the time and energy to see the company succeed. So many bosses take credit for the work of others especially those under them. So many places it’s all about politics and not performance. My only reservation has been with the lack of regular company communication. Just about everyone, especially the management works very hard and coordination amongst the teams could be improved with regular communication.

Great Work/Life Balance and Autonomy

CG Commercial is a growing company with a lot of opportunity. As I hired and trained sales team members to sell to the C Level Suite, I brought on people who could effectively communicate with CFOs, Treasurers, and Controllers of $100MM to $6BB companies. I helped start this company in 1999, when it had only 4 employees and built it up to become an industry leader. After leaving the company in 2004 for another opportunity, I returned to the company in 2011.

CGCF Growing with Opportunity

Great work atmosphere. When I was out of work for two weeks due to surgery CG was very supportive. You control your own destiny with excellent pay for performance. Great senior management with great support to fund deals. I really love working here.

CGCF is Like Family to Me

Open minded, compensation potential, a stair stepped commission plan that pays you more as you sell more. Strong management team, very positive atmosphere. Very interesting transactions. Well known clients. Great belief in collaboration and teamwork atmosphere. Great benefits. Headquartered in a Class A office building right next to John Wayne Airport. Clear path to promotion and company expansion.

Been Here 5 Years and Love It

The people who work here are incredible. They are talented, friendly, work collaboratively and extremely supportive. This is the best company that I’ve worked for in years. Pay and benefits exceed expectations and there is excellent opportunity for growth and development.

Great Company To Work For

Great open door policy. Upper Management wants you to succeed and enjoys teaching the finer points of lease financing. If you enjoy learning the art of negotiating where everyone wins, this is the place to work.

Best Place to Work to Learn

Very competitive pay, wonderful teammates and good mentors. Generous with perks like coffee, snacks, fruit/nuts, you name it. Willingness to try new things to stay on the cutting edge. They pay attention to things that truly matter like respect, kindness and patience

Great Team and Good Pay

Great opportunity for growth in both promotion and skills acquired. The management is stable and many have been here for 7+ years. They are open to new ideas and very supportive/encouraging. The offices are conveniently located and have fantastic views. The president is very funny and has a great team spirit. The CEO is hands-on and contributes a lot to the success of the company.

Professional Yet Personable